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Because of the passing of Robin Williams I’m sure we are all affected by this in some way. I have watched him my entire life on the television screen . He brings about reminders of my childhood when I think about Jumanji or Ms Doubt Fire , and how he keep us all in laughter. As someone struggling with Bipolar disorder and Ptsd I can’t help but feel as though I am sorry for his suicide yet envious that he “got out”. Alot of ppl on you tube were condeming him to hell and saying so many negative things but I believe that maybe he is finally in peace now.That kind of peace that we are all fighting for and at the same time ppl need to realize depression is real and it can kill us. It’s not something a person can choose not to be, because nobody wants to be depressed, its like a demon that  takes over the mind and you don’t get to choose to be happy even at the age of 63. May Robin Williams rest in peace. He will be missed.

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